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PVC Roofs An Environmentally Friendly Choice

PVC roofing has been around since the 1960s and has become one of the most popular types of flat roofing membranes around Atlanta. Whenever PVC is mentioned, most people think about piping used in plumbing or AC systems. However, PVC can be altered to make it using a wide variety of uses including roofing.



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What is PVC Roofing?

PVC is manufactured from two main components: chlorine and ethylene. Chlorine is a derivative of salt, and ethylene is made from processed petroleum or natural gas. The material is then made into the roofing material by taking to sheets of PVC with a polyester reinforcement in between. Each layer provides more strength to the roofing system.

The bottom sheet is made from black PVC that contains an ingredient known as plasticizers to increase flexibility. The top sheets use plasticizers as well, but also contain additives that make it UV resistant to reduce heat within a building. PVC roofing is considered single ply, but it is available in different thicknesses increasing its resistance to the weather and other elements.

Benefits of PVC Roofing

One of the biggest advantages of having a PVC roof is how strong and durable they are.

PVC roofing is designed from the start to be strong with an ability to withstand a minimum of 350 pounds per inch of force. This is for the thinnest available PVC which means you can get much stronger PVC if needed.

On top of this, when the roofing is installed, the seams are welded together increasing strength even further while ensuring your roof is watertight to stop leaks. This makes it one of the most durable roofing systems as it doesn’t rely on adhesives, caulk, or tape.

PVC roofs are also resistant to fire as it is difficult to ignite and burns incredibly slow with the ability to extinguish itself when the source of a fire is finally removed. With the way it is applied, it has extreme resistance to any uplift caused by excessive wind. This has allowed many roofs to withstand up to category 3 hurricane levels of wind.

PVC Roofs are a Green Choice

PVC roofing is an environmentally-friendly choice for a few different reasons. Since it is made mostly of vinyl it is one of the very few materials used in construction that can be fully recycled.

This allows it to be broken down and reused in the making of entirely new products even after decades of use. PVC roofs are also able to reduce your monthly payments for AC usage. This is due to its high levels of solar reflectivity which reduces overall heat absorption within the building reducing the need for wasted AC usage.

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