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Commercial Roofing Services

You work hard in your business. We work just as hard to keep a dependable roof over your head. For more than 30 years, we’ve been working with business owners large and small to provide expert roofing services.

We specialize in high quality, efficient turnaround times and great relationships. Why else would our clients come back to us years later?

Roofing & sheet metal work

Roofs have their own lifespan, so when you begin to experience roofing problems, call us. We’ll start with a roof inspection and give you feedback on what you can do to save your roof. 

Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to make the right call for your business. We partner with our clients to help them keep their business running smoothly. 

Tri-Tech Roofing & Coatings, Inc.

If your business has a leaky roof, weather wear, hail damage or and the roof has simply become worn with age, you can trust the roofers at Tri-Tech Roofing & Coating to inspect your roof and give you a straightforward estimate about what it will take to get your roof repairs done right. 

Far too often, we see business owners attempt haphazard repairs to their roof or worse ignore the problem altogether. This strategy almost always guarantees further problems down the road. 

We are committed to repairing your roof while helping you stay operational. Call us when you want to keep your roof healthy. 

Commercial Roof Inspection

Keep your roof in top shape with a roof inspection.

Preventative Maintenance

Taking care of minor roof repairs is less costly than a new roof.

Roof Repairs

Whether you have storm damage or simply need roof repairs, we’re here to help.

Roof Replacement

When it’s time for reroofing, call us. We will help you get the roof you need.


Tri-Tech Roofing & Coatings, Inc. works hard to be one of Atlanta’s top commercial roofing contractors. To do this, it is essential that we give our customers high-quality roofing systems that match their business needs along with technical expertise that comes with decades of experience.

When it comes to business, we value the relationships we have formed over the years. It’s the reason our customers come back to us for all their commercial roofing needs.

Commercial & Industrial Roofing

Professional Roofing Associations


We understand that you invest a lot into your business. When you work with Tri-Tech Roofing & Coatings, Inc., we partner with our clients to provide the right roofing solution for your needs. 

While we always use the highest quality materials so that your roof is durable and lasting, we also want to work within your budget. That’s why we stress open communication and a relationship based on mutual respect.


There is no way to get around the fact that reroofing is an expensive undertaking. That’s why we work so closely with our customers to help them do everything they can to avoid this expense. After an initial roof inspection, we might recommend roof repairs and a roofing maintenance plan to help you plan for the inevitable.


Your roof can help you control your energy costs. That’s where TPO roofs can help. Using this lightweight roofing system can help because it is white which reflects sunlight to help keep buildings cooler. This makes this type of roof perfect for companies around Atlanta.


Metal roofing systems are extremely durable, are long-lasting and can make your company look amazing. We specialize in metal roofing installation, repair, and maintenance for all types. Whether you have a standing seam metal roof or one with either concealed or exposed fastener panels, we can help you keep your roof healthy.


Atlanta gets a fair share of storms most years, so when you get roof damage, make Tri-Tech Roofing & Coatings, Inc. your first call. We will come out and inspect the damage. You’ll get an accurate estimate to fix your roof based on our experience.

Trust your roof with the experienced roofing contractors at Tri-Tech Roofing & Coating. We’ll help you extend the life of your roof as long as possible.

Commercial Roofers That Care About Your Business

Commercial Roofing Done Right, On Time and Beyond Expectations.



At Tri-Tech Roofing & Coatings, Inc., we’ve built our reputation on two things- providing craftsmanship quality roofs and establishing long-term, trusting relationships.

That’s why we stand behind our work. We provide some of the best warranties in the industry. When you work with our roofers, you are working with the best. Call us and let us show you what service looks like.


It just makes sense that keeping your roof healthy is a lot more cost-effective than a new roof installation. That’s where we can help. We provide monthly roofing maintenance plans. Let’s talk about what makes sense for your roofing system.

Safety As A Culture

Our roofing company makes safety not only a priority, but we have built it into our culture. We have an excellent safety record throughout over 30 years of operation with a good Modification Rating. We’re insured with an A.M. Best Rated A (Excellent) Company.

To maintain high safety standards, we conduct weekly training with OSHA safety educational information. We also conduct project safety meetings before each roofing project. This is something that not every roofing company does. We always use the best safety equipment available for any type of roofing project. We work hard for our outstanding safety ratings, and it shows.

We believe in safety, practice safety and even wear it on our shirts- Safety First!


Multiple experiences with this company. All very good. 

Tri-Tech roofing helped make my company’s old roof last beyond its design life. Knowing the job will be done right the first time.

Charles Stopczynski

We tried several commercial roofing companies before we called Tri-Tech. I wish we called them first. They were very helpful and did everything they could to extend the life of my roof. That’s why I went with them when it was time for a new one. Great people. 

Meg Richards

Incredible people. Incredible company. They did some roof repair work for me several years ago now and I have used them for everything since. 


Adam Smith

“Our commitment is to our customers. We want to do right by them- every time. We think of ourselves as being in the people business first and the roofing business second.”


Jim Kenney, President



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